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Corporate Security Solutions

Malware and spam threaten business processes

Annual losses caused by viruses are growing every year, from over 13 billion dollars in 2001 to 55 billion in 2003, and this figure is rising every year. Malware penetrating via the Internet and email now account for the majority of all virus infections. Spam is flooding corporate mail systems leading to further financial losses.

Comprehensive network security is thus an essential risk mitigation strategy. A successful information security system includes antivirus protection, antispam filters and protection for mobile devices.

Kaspersky Security Solutions

An effective antivirus solution protects enterprise networks from disruption by existing and potential cyber threats, while a reliable spam filter protects enterprises from unsolicited correspondence.

Kaspersky Security Corporate Suite

This customisable security suite is expressly designed to protect enterprise information systems from disruption by existing and potential cyber threats; versatile configuration options ensure data integrity in even the most complex network environments. A flexible licensing policy enables developing a security package tailored to specific enterprise requirements.

A centralised management console is an essential part of any software package used in a business environment. Kaspersky Administration Kit provides precisely that - a set of system administration tools for centralized installation, configuration and monitoring of corporate antivirus protection.

Kaspersky Anti-Spam

Kaspersky Lab fully appreciate the fact that today spam is a serious threat to effective business processes. They have developed two antispam systems that counter this threat.

Enterprises providing end user mail services face heavy streams of fluctuating mail traffic; Kaspersky Anti-Spam ISP Edition increases productivity using gateway filtration methods designed to handle large volumes of mail. The flexible licensing policy ensures customisable protection for Internet service providers.