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About Kaspersky
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Antivirus software is a fairly recent innovation; however, new cyber threats appear regularly, requiring more and newer forms of antivirus protection, intrusion detection and spam filtering.

Kaspersky is dedicated to deflecting cyber threats: old, new - each and every one. A multi-national research team works round-the-clock developing new techniques to protect users against malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, Trojans and others, hackers and other forms of unsanctioned intrusion and data leaks.

Spam, the latest scourge of the Internet is also targeted by Kaspersky: we have designed a spam filter that works on 6 levels to provide users with clean mail.


Innovative security solutions

Kaspersky dedication to providing users with the latest technologies led the company to be the first to offer:

  • antivirus solutions for workstations and file servers running under Linux/Free BSD
  • antivirus protection for Sendmail
  • a network-based antivirus solution for Novell Netware full integrated with NDS
  • a resident antivirus for OS/2

A brief history of Kaspersky innovations


  • antivirus databases are updated every 3 hours or about 3000 times a year
  • antispam linguistic kernel developed
  • spam signatures are released every 2 hours
  • new generation heuristic analyzer detects Trojans and backdoors written in VBS
  • new technologies, iChecker and iStreams decrease antivirus scanning time by 3


  • AVP Office Guard released - a totally new antivirus solution based on behaviour blocking
  • AVP Script Checker analyses scripts prior to execution recognizing new and existing viruses
  • New generation antivirus engine created: modular and with new features for integration with various operating systems
  • AVP plug-in for MS Office 2000 scans all accessed MS Office documents; guarantees 100% protection against macroviruses


  • First Kaspersky antivirus engine release
  • Antivirus engine gains ability to unpack compressed exe files; archives can be scanned inside as well as outside

And further back

  • First renewable antivirus databases released: viruses appeared so rarely that weekly updates were enough
  • First external antivirus databases developed: increasing antivirus engine capabilities and significantly decreasing update file sizes
  • A processor emulator served as a basis for a heuristic analysor: unknown viruses were detected including polymorphic viruses