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University of Auckland


The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s leading university. Established in 1883, it has grown into an international centre of learning and academic excellence and is New Zealand's largest university.

The University is centrally located in the cosmopolitan city of Auckland, providing an exciting, stimulating environment for over 40,000 students and 5,500 employees. Its mission is to be an internationally recognized, research-led university, known for the excellence of its teaching, research, and service to its local, national and international communities.

Teaching and research is conducted in eight faculties, offering a wide range of courses, from architecture and arts to science and technology. In addition to the faculties, there is the School of Theology, and more than 30 interdisciplinary research clusters in the University ranging from small units to large institutes, which conduct research in various fields of science.

The Challenge:

The internal computer network is a vital system for the University of Auckland, providing thousands of students and employees with a common information infrastructure that consists of 300 servers and approximately 12,000 desktops.

One of the most vulnerable parts of the network is its email gateway, which comprises seven servers and processes up to 1 million emails per day. The email system is prone to a vast number of message-borne threats, ranging from viruses and worms to Trojans and phishing. Such threats are not only potentially harmful to the internal network but could affect the reputation of the entire institution if they infect messages sent from the University. Therefore a decision was made to find an effective antivirus solution which could be integrated with the existing email gateway.

The Solution:

The IT-personnel at the University of Auckland researched the relevant products provided by Sophos, Symantec, McAfee and Kaspersky to determine which of the solutions would be optimal for integrating with the existing email system while providing the highest quality of protection.

They found that Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server had the best malware detection rates, formidable performance and good integration capabilities, as well as supporting a Linux operating system, which was also a key requirement. At the same time, the Kaspersky solution was the most competitively priced , so it held every advantage over the competing products.

Implementation of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server on the existing email gateway platform went very smoothly – the product was installed and integrated with the existing platform in one week. VNK Technologies, Kaspersky experienced partner in New Zealand, provided over-the-phone consultation for the IT staff at the University of Auckland, but no on-site assistance was required during the installation process.


Implementing Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server on the University of Auckland's email gateway resulted in a remarkable increase in the malware detection rate and improved the overall security level of the entire University network.

The use of Kaspersky Administration Kit, a powerful and flexible tool for centralized management of Kaspersky applications on a corporate network, made administration and maintenance of Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server easy and simple for the IT-personnel of the University, saving time and resources for other important tasks and duties.

“Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Mail Server provides an effective and reliable antivirus protection for our email traffic. Other highly commendable traits are its high level of integration and impressive manageability. We are completely satisfied with this product and believe that the decision to implement it in our network was the right one,” said Bojan Zdrnja, Security Implementation Specialist at the University of Auckland.



Liverpool City Council


Liverpool City is one of the fastest growing local government regions in New South Wales, Australia. Liverpool’s population grew by 56,084 people or 57 per cent in the 10 years to 2001. Liverpool’s population in 2006 stood at 164,603.

With such rapid growth, it is necessary for Liverpool City Council to keep pace in developing its information infrastructure and management technologies. Council's network comprises 500 PCs and 35 servers spread across four large sites of 50 or more users and 12 smaller sites of 15 users or less.

The Challenge:

The main challenge of such a widely-dispersed network was to create a common protection system that could be centrally managed , while maintaining integrity across the entire system.

The Solution:

In 2007, Kaspersky presented a totally new concept of corporate security – the Kaspersky Open Space Security suite, which was developed to satisfy the needs of modern networks. The new concept includes not only protection of the company network perimeter but of all nodes on the network, regardless of location, type of device, or platform. This meant that Kaspersky Open Space Security was a perfect fit in matching the requirements of Council’s network. The entire protection system can be controlled using the Kaspersky Administration Kit, which makes it possible to centrally monitor and administer antivirus protection of all servers and workstations.

Due to these advantages, Council ordered 500 licenses of the Kaspersky Total Space Security suite, the most comprehensive solution of the Kaspersky Open Space Security product line. Microbe, the Australian distributor for Kaspersky, assisted Council in implementing the suite, including the Kaspersky 6.0 Anti-Virus Administrationor Kit setup. Microbe also advised Council on best practices for maintaining the solution and provided all necessary consulting and training to Council’s senior IT administrators.


Kaspersky Total Space Security has drastically improved the security of Council's IT infrastructure. Shortly after the implementation of Kaspersky Total Space Security, Council’s IT staff reported a significant increase in threat detection, resulting in a decrease in the number of infections and security incidents across Council's network. Using the Kaspersky Administration Kit helped Council to more effectively manage and maintain the network, with increased flexibility. In addition, the Kaspersky Total Space Security network port scan enabled Council to detect HTTP and other port-based threats and eliminate them completely. Importantly, due to its small use of resources, Kaspersky Total Space Security did not affect the overall performance of the network’s servers and workstations.

Liverpool City Council’s General Manager, Phil Tolhurst, said Council was confident that the new system would provide an effective and efficient means of protecting Council’s network. “Kaspersky Total Space Security provides Council with an up-to-date and secure system, which will protect Council’s network from viruses and other threats. This leading-edge technology will ensure that our organisation is at the forefront in terms of securing our network and providing the best service for our community,” Mr Tolhurst said.


Stemcor Limited


Stemcor Limited is an independent London-based company operating in the international steel distribution market. Stemcor's worldwide network of offices provides services in all fields of international steel trading, including marketing, logistics, finance and after sales support. The company was established in 1951 and today is recognized as a major player in the market with a turnover in excess of 900,000,000 GBP and 6,500,000 tons of steel and raw materials operating value (2001).

Stemcor has long recognized the importance of technology in enhancing the services they provide. To improve the speed and accuracy of information transmission, the company installed a email system connecting their overseas offices in 1991. This was long before most competitors and many technology companies realised the need for such measures.

Stemcor is proud of its reputation in the industry as a dependable, straightforward and long-term business partner. The changing nature of the business along with a increased awareness of cyber security issues led the company to implement a comprehensive antivirus solution. Kaspersky Anti-Virus met Stemcor's requirements for a cost-effective and reliable product.

Stemcor's requirement that an antivirus solution should be regularly updated was one of the key factors which led to the company choosing Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Updates for Kaspersky Anti-Virus are released 8 times a day, providing maximum protection against new viruses. Marianne Rolle, Network Manager at Stemcor commented, "The updates can be scheduled to suit your environment and only changes to the antivirus databases are downloaded, ensuring the file size is kept to a minimum".

Stemcor has offices in over 30 countries throughout the world, using Kaspersky Anti-Virus on more than 350 machines running Novell NetWare and Windows 2000. On the occasions where the company's network engineers have had to contact the Technical Support service, they have been impressed with the speed of the service. "If we experience any difficulties we always receive a very quick response", was Marianne's opinion.

Stemcor is happy with Kaspersky Anti-Virus solution, Marianne concludes, because "managing the virus threat is critical to our business. Having just implemented a world wide VPN between all of our offices, it is now even more important to ensure information security, because if we were infected by a virus in one office, it can now affect the whole group".


Reddish Vale Technology College


Reddish Vale is a mixed comprehensive Technology College, educating 1550 pupils in the 11-16 age range. The college's main focus is on IT; in 2001, Reddish was one of the few schools in the country to reach the third phase of Technology College status.

The college empasises working within the community, sharing resources, expertise and experience with partner primary schools and other secondary schools. Reddish is fortunate that specialist school funding has enabled the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment. An industry standard 250 PC NT4 network with broadband access to the Internet on every PC and a well developed Intranet which can be accessed from staff and pupils' homes ensures that IT is in every corner of the curriculum.

The well-trained staff realized that as pupils were constantly online, downloading and sharing information, network security was a critical issue. The college was getting over 30 viruses a day, and clearly needed an antivirus solution offering exceptional detection rates and all-round protection: Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Reddish being an educational institution, any slight problem with the network could cause major disturbance to lessons and learning. As Anthony Kenworthy, IT Technician, explained, "If a virus got in and caused major damage, children could end up getting the wrong grades. Kaspersky Anti-Virus keeps the network clean and makes sure that disruptions are not caused by viruses".

There are certain key features of the product that save time and ensure Anthony's peace of mind. He specified that, "the auto updater is set to collect updates every evening allowing the whole network to be updated when it is not in use by pupils. Also extremely useful is the 'apply to all infected objects' function; when disks are brought in containing a number of infected files these can all be cleaned at the same time".

The college currently uses Microsoft Windows NT4, 2000 and 98 with the web server running under Linux. Reddish is more than happy with the service provided by Kaspersky. As Anthony concluded, 'all the levels of support have been excellent from sales right through to technical. Kaspersky is probably the best antivirus suite I have ever come across".


Nederland Net


Nederland Net is is a franchising operation, which is one of the largest full-service ISPs in the Netherlands. In their quest to provide customers with a complete service package supported by effective security, Nederland Net analysed a number of virus protection solutions currently available on the market.

The company chose Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux File Servers as an integrated part of their overall antivirus protection system. The main reason for choosing a Kaspersky solution was the superior price/performance ratio.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus currently protects about 4,810 email addresses and 281 domains via the mailserver which is regularly scanned for viruses. Nederland Net also has 595 email addresses hosted on the server itself.

"Kaspersky has made it possible for us to offer our customers the most reliable and robust protection against viruses, and making Internet use safe for our customers", said Nederland Net's Security Project Manager.



Reflex Security


Reflex Security Inc. is a pioneer and leading provider of counter-offensive network and host security technology solutions. The company's flagship product, the Reflex Interceptor, is an Automated Intrusion Response (AIR) system that has broken new ground in the IT security industry. Reflex Interceptor identifies, analyses and responds to internal and external network security threats in real-time, without the need for human intervention. Reflex Security customers who purchase the Interceptor 100 and Interceptor 500 series will be able to add an option for protection of their networks from malicious programs and unsolicited correspondence. Kaspersky Anti-Virus and Kaspersky Anti-Spam provide high-end protection from viruses and spam respectively.

"Kaspersky is recognized as the global technology leader in the anti-virus and anti-spam marketplace based on the sophistication and capabilities of their products, their research and development and their extensive signature libraries", said Jim Watson, CEO at Reflex Security.





GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP 8 is an e-mail content security product that uses multiple anti-virus engines, exploit detection, an HTML threats engine, and content and attachment checking to scan incoming and outgoing e-mail for viruses, exploits and attacks. Integration with Kaspersky Anti-Virus significantly expands GFI MailSecurity's anti-virus defenses.

"GFI MailSecurity is one of the few software solutions defending corporate e-mail systems that combines several anti-virus technologies. The unique characteristics of Kaspersky Anti-Virus successfully adds to the functionality of our product and allows us to provide our customers with the highest possible level of protection against malicious code", said Nick Galea, GFI CEO. "Also, the reasonable pricing of this module makes it affordable to have a third virus engine over and above the two already included in the product".





Nokia Message Protector is a network appliance for the enterprise clients, which serves as a dedicated SMTP message protector sitting at the Internet gateway. A antivirus protection option powered by Kaspersky technology allows Message Protector to successfully stand up to computer viruses.