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Novel Netware Anti-Virus Protection

Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for Novell NetWare was expressly developed to provide antivirus protection for file servers running under the Novell NetWare operating system.


Reliable Antivirus Protection

Real-time protection. The application provides real-time protection from malicious programs, scanning files for viruses and treating or deleting infected objects as necessary.

On demand scanning. Antivirus scanning of the server’s file system can be carried out on a schedule or on demand.

Backup copies. Before objects are treated or deleted, backup copies can be saved, so that administrators can later use information from them for future investigation.

Quarantine for dangerous objects. Any dangerous or potentially dangerous objects detected by the application can be stored in the quarantine folder.

Flexible Administration

Centralized and remote administration. The application integrates seamlessly with the Novell Directory Service (NDS), which means that the program can be administered via ConsoleOne and the web management interface. This allows system administrators to remotely install and configure the basic settings for the application on several servers at once using Kaspersky Administration Kit.

Event notifications. Administrators can receive notifications of results from antivirus scanning, as well as warnings when malicious objects are detected, over the Novell NetWare network or via email.

Event log. The application compiles detailed reports using the results from on demand antivirus scanning, real-time protection and antivirus database updates.

Automatic database updates. Antivirus database updates can be made automatically (on schedule) or on demand. If there is an error in a file download, then the program automatically chooses an alternative Kaspersky Lab update server.

Update management. Once antivirus database updates have been received, they can be distributed to other servers on the network. Backup copies of update files are created, so that the database can be rolled-back to a previous version (if, for example, data is damaged during download).

Optimized Performance

Load management. The application allows the administrator to control the program’s use of the server’s central processing unit, which directly affects program performance.

Multi-thread virus scanning. Multi-thread scanning helps increase overall performance, since it enables processing of requests from a number of workstations simultaneously. The speed and scope of scanning are only limited by the hardware capabilities of the server.

Multi-processor support. In order to increase antivirus performance in a multi-processor environment, the application allows administrators to launch several antivirus engine processes simultaneously, taking advantage of distributed data processing.

Load management. The application allows the administrator to control the program’s use of the server’s central processing unit, which directly affects program performance.

High Reliability. The new generation solution for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Novell NetWare launches the antivirus engine in a protected address space. Such an approach increases application reliability since application programs and the file server are not affected in the event of any malfunctions during file scanning.

System Requirements

Software requirements Hardware requirements
  • Operating system: Novell NetWare 5.x, 6.0, 6.5
  • Novell Client installed on the administrator’s workstation
  • The relevant Support Pack for:
    • Novell NetWare 5.x – Support Pack 6 or higher
    • Novell Netware 6.0 – Support Pack 3 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher (for viewing log entries and the web management interface)
  • Installed Apache Web Server and a Tomcat servlet container (for installing and using the web management interface).
  • All servers and workstations used for management purposes should support the TCP/IP protocol
  • Intel Pentium processor or higher
  • At least 12 MB of RAM available
  • At least 8 MB HDD space on the server